Rotex RO150FEQ Floor Sanding Tool Hire
Rotex RO150FEQ Floor Sanding Tool Hire


The RO150FEQ Rotex sander from Festool is more powerful, economical and ergonomic than most other high performance commercial sanders and offers excellent control and a high quality finish.


Rotex was the very first geared eccentric sander and set ground-breaking standards with its innovative 3-in-1 principle. Coarse sanding, fine sanding or polishing, it does the work of three tools.


The powerful motor and long life gear unit gives high performance under load, fitted with an MPE 'Jetstream' 9 hole sanding backing pad that is extreamly durable reducing heat and preventing clogging giving abrasive a longer life.


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  • Three tools in one for coarse sanding, fine sanding and polishing.
  • ROTEX rotary motion for efficient material removal.
  • Eccentric motion for high-quality, scratch-free surfaces.
  • FastFix sanding pad system
  • Ideal ergonomic grip positions.
  • Sands up to edges.
  • Sands off old paint and varnish.
  • Sands all wooden materials.
  • Renovation work such as sanding steps.
  • Sanding and polishing mineral materials.


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